“..memang hidup tak seindah, tak sesempurna kisah dongeng novel-novel islamik. Tapi sekurang-kurangnya aku mahu cuba juga untuk menjadi yg terbaik setakat termampu dalam kisah hidup aku sendiri...”

Broken Heart Never Mends

ahlan wassalam, bon jour. .
after saw my friend was struggling from broke up with her bf,it's came to my mind to wrote about it..it's really3 sad+painful thing when we've been hurt by someone u that love most..the reason that he leave u is maybe about the 3rd person, or maybe because of he doesn't love u at all or anything else..how could they broke ur heart into pieces?? but then, u still love them..Why did your ex lie that everything will be ok?? they doesn't know how the pain is, they simply said that it's a fate and open ur heart to accept it but they don't even know that broken heart doesn't get repaired easily..it takes time to heal it..to get over the pain. .

i'm also face the same situation before this and it cut me like a knife because I'm never felt this way before..and everything i did it reminds me of the past..I'm in this condition and I've got all the symptoms of a girl with a broken heart..i might be happy but anyone doesn't know the inside of me..it's pain of separation..but everything happens have their own reason..i believe in karma..what's goes around,comes around..maybe we met the wrong person before we found our mr/mrs. right..only He know why its happened..even it's really hard to get through, u must wake up from the pain..not let yourself down because of it..

"I smile whenever I think of you,It becomes so hard on me..
I cry whenever I think of you ..I’m scared of everything.."

i knew it's difficult but at least u try it.."love yourself first before others.."(*sigh). .broken heart never mends..note for myself also..maybe he wasn't meant for me..i accept that even it's really hard at first.. I guess has been one great torture for my emotion. why I must sad because of him??he might be happy if he know that..never despair and lose hope,it's just another picture to burn..i'm closing the doors and get over it.. i'm not find a man,but i'm find a true love..(^__^)



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