“..memang hidup tak seindah, tak sesempurna kisah dongeng novel-novel islamik. Tapi sekurang-kurangnya aku mahu cuba juga untuk menjadi yg terbaik setakat termampu dalam kisah hidup aku sendiri...”

Nine Days Were Left..

what is all about with 9 days??? is it a special day?? actually it's NOT...because after i've looked to the calendar, my sem break will end soon..hmm..time is very3 fast..definitely!! times never wait us..i feel like dying but i dunno why..the fact is i must back to the college soon..a college that is like a prison for me..and for sure, i will do the same routine everyday..there's no any changing in my college..so sad..hmm..really tortured me+extremely make me down..but it's gonna be last year for me..can't wait for it..
before that, i must get through many things..now, i'm using english as a practices for me to improve my skills..coz a month sem break totally make me blurr..hmmm..
result???? hmm.. make me really3 scared..btw, i've tried my best..now,i'm tawakal to Allah..hopefully i passed all my papers..
besides, i mish my fren..miss to have a chit chat, gossiping and having time together..
they are really make my day worthy..hahhaha
and now i spend all my days with my beloved that were left before i'm back to the college..
i'm gonna miss 
my parents
lil bros+ soul sistas
my meoww meoww...
my family is my motivation for me..ahaks!..
they are my backbone,my strength+my sunshine..
♥ them so much3!!!!

a trip to t'ganu museum during aiman's besday

my lovely frens..


SHIEmah Shiemillionaire said...

Haha...nape emo mlm2 buta nieyh...
oo..sme la kte sem bru da nk bkak..

ilhani_soul said...

hahahhaa..tw xpew..

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