“..memang hidup tak seindah, tak sesempurna kisah dongeng novel-novel islamik. Tapi sekurang-kurangnya aku mahu cuba juga untuk menjadi yg terbaik setakat termampu dalam kisah hidup aku sendiri...”


Assalamualaikum wbt..

Actually, this post is for yesterday. However, because of tired and exhausted, I write it for today..haha..

Yesterday, I arrived late at work placement and of course I felt very bad and nervous because did not know what will happen to me after I arrived at there. The reason of my late is because of flood, thus my bus was stuck in the flood. Frankly speaking, I felt very nervous when I wait for the bus but it never come. I was like....argghhhhh!!!!

I hope that everything goes well since it is the first day of 2012. But it wasn’t like I  plan.(dats true, we only can plan but He determine all our day) And this is my first tardiness in my life and also in 2012. Before this I’m never be late for my class or what so ever. 

By the way, I’m still grateful because my hero is there which is my dad. He sent me to the MBKT after he saw me cannot be calm. He sent me straight away to MBKT by wearing his kain pelikat and t-shirt without bring his ic,driving license and handphone. It is almost 8.20am when i reached at MBKT.

Gratefully, there is no bad thing happen to me...i’m afraid my boss scold and sound me because of the tardiness. I can’t imagine if it really happen to me. How i am going to do if i really been scold by my boss???..huh..but this is my first experience in 2012..

When I recall it back, I feel like to laugh loudly..hahaha..and it makes me smiling. Some people said better late than never.. That’s my 1 jan 2012..(^__^)

Wishlist 2012:
1. Be happy
2. Samusung Galaxy
3. Forgive & forget
4. Stronger

p/s: happy birthday to my dearest brother of mine, Ilham Muqri..muahh!!


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